Can You Upload A Squeeze Page?

If you answered yes, then you already have what it takes.

You are already ahead of 90% of the small business owners
in the United States. These are your prospects, and you can 
charge a pretty penny to set up squeeze pages for them.

In fact you can solve all your money issues with a simple plan.

Choose 3 small businesses in your local area.

Create a single page website using their business name and
contact info on your own domain, and set up an opt in page
for people to become a member of their "Preferred Customer
Club" to receive better discounts and news about what is on
sale before the flyers go out.

Show this to the business owner, and tell them that you can
help them set something like that on their own domain for 
less than what most companies are charging for hosting each

Then, you can either register the domain for them, or have
them do it (using your GoDaddy or Namecheap affiliate link)
and then set them up on your own reseller hosting account.

You can also offer them an upgraded package that includes 
an autoresponder and video hosting for a little more money,
then you set them up on their own Hosting For Profit account
so that they can have unlimited domains, unlimited video 
hosting and up to 50 autoresponder campaigns and you make
the commissions on the monthly hosting. Plus, if you charge 
them $97 to maintain the database and hosting for them, you 
can keep the difference between the $44.95 for the HFP
and the $97 that they pay you to send out their emails, and
tweak their website.

You would have to be an affiliate of Hosting For Profit, but
that is easy enough, since you should have your own world
class reseller hosting account for yourself. HFP has been my
hosting company of choice for the last 1.7 years. They blow
away the competition with the way they treat their customers.

But that is not all.

You can become an even better consultant to the local
businesses in your town.

This video training series that the Traffic Geyser team have
released this week really reveals the cash sucking power of
being a local business consultant. Watch the first three videos
now, and see why you should already be making a bundle
from the knowledge that you already have about Internet

You will see how real people like you and I are making more
money from a few clients than most people are making in a

You can also download a report that reveals the 101 most
profitable offline businesses that you should be targeting to
get as your clients! You only need to put your email in once,
and get access to the PDF and the three videos (and two
more are coming this week).

See you there:

Micheal & Yvonne

PS – Remember that you can solve your own money problems
right now with a couple of offline business clients who have no
idea how to set up a squeeze page, a blog or even post an
email to their autoresponders (if they even know what that is).

You could become their sole source for all things Internet
Marketing and be like one of the real people in this video:

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