Putting Your Business In Overdrive

Using the proper tools for growing your business is crucial to get to the next level. You can continue to work hard each day, but without the advantage you get from high quality marketing tools, you could be spinning your wheels!

Wheels are a good example of tools that can make work much less difficult. Before wheels were invented, the easiest way for the hunter-gatherers to drag their supplies around was putting them on litters and dragging the one end on the ground.

In marketing, many of the tools have priced themselves out of reach or the quality sucks whenever the price is good, like using poorly maintained autoresponders or overpriced video storage with absolutely no features or free services that require you to share your leads with the rest of the world. In all of these cases, using the free or low cost alternatives ends up costing you more than simply biting the bullet and paying the fees for the tools that work.

Taking the time to figure out what is best for your business is important. But we often find ourselves listening to people who do not have our best interests in mind. In times like these, we need to know that something works before we plunk down our hard earned cash.


I was extremely skeptical when Todd told me about the marriage of autoresponders with hosting in one easy monthly payment. It was not that I was looking to replace my aweber account, although I had just been at the mercy of aweber just three months before when they shut my account down because I was using their name in one of my domains that I was using to promote them…

But I also liked the idea of having affiliate marketing tools together in one location, no more logging in to 5 different websites when I needed to host a webinar, write an email, record a video or upload a squeeze page to my server.  Heck, even creating a new blog was easy as pie in my vision of sugarplums that I formed while Todd talked about the potential for big residual earnings.


After a little convincing from Todd, I signed up for Hosting For Profit (GVO)! When I joined in August of 2009, the autoresponder system was a joke. I laughed when I saw it, not because it was funny, but because I imagined myself trying to convince someone that this was a tool that they could save money with.

It was not long, though, that I began to see the light, as the technical team behind GVO began to add features, listen to the users and implement the wish lists that we told them we wanted. We have reached a point where the autoresponder rivals any company out there in quality of features and email deliverability. Simply because we were willing to invest in them when they were a little text based mailer.

Video Production And Storage

The video production tools in the GVO backend were somewhat crude, but as we continued to tell them what we wanted, they became better and more sophisticated. We have reached the point where we can host our videos and feel proud of the accomplishment, because we don’t have ads showing on our videos.


The conference rooms have always been powerful, with the ability to upload powerpoints, show videos and store files for distribution to attendees. The 10 seat rooms are perfect for the marketer who wants to meet online with a mastermind group or simply do training for their direct marketing or affiliate marketing trainees. A recent addition was an upgrade option where you can get a 100 seat conference room and host webinars for much less than Webex or GoToWebinar conferencing! Imagine doing your own presentations live to 100 people and getting instant feedback!

Hosting That Rocks

The GVO Hosting starts out with 70GB storage with 200GB bandwidth per month in a reseller account with Web Host Manager(WHM). This means you can resell accounts with their own cpanel, so that clients never have to log in to any of your accounts. You give them the username and password for their cpanel, and you are done. Having the ability to adjust the bandwidth for accounts on the fly within your own WHM is an amazing feeling, as you can keep your site running even when your traffic is out of control!

More Features Than You Can Shake An Empty Can Of Red Bull At!

Within your GVO Hosting For Profit Account, you will find more features than you have time to learn about . The best part about that is that as your business grows, you will find that you already have the tools that your business is ready for. How often does that happen with your current marketing tools provider?

You can monitor your competition with a handy script, create lead generation pages from the many pages in the lead capture section and you can build a significant residual income from sharing the GVO opportunity with other marketers. Inside the members area, you will find videos that teach you how to use each part of the site, by people who are already successfully making money online.

Training That Is Second To None

One of my new recruits was looking around at all the features inside his members area and he had that deer in the headlights look. He said, “where do I start?”

I told him to go to the GVO Academy site and choose a class to attend, where he could get one of the experts to show him how to use the tools, how to promote the opportunity and how to help his downline all from one handy FREE location! In fact, the GVO Academy is one of the things that separates GVO from the rest of the direct marketing businesses, since many of them charge for training, too!

If you have been looking for the right hosting company, one that cares enough to supply you with everything you need for your business… you need look no further than GVO Hosting For Profit!


Video That Costs Too Little To Be This Good!

The guys at iFlash Video have really done it now! They have raised the bar on quality while lowering the bar on price! Take a look at this video to see what I mean!


Amazing Overdrive Performance For Sarasota Couple

The other day I wrote a blog post about a Florida couple who went from losing EVERYTHING and going bankrupt to generating up to $89,000 in a single month online…

…They just recorded an amazing video that explains how they did it with a little known, yet powerful formula (that’s only known to the elite few).

That’s all I can say in this email, go here:


And see for yourself.

Oh, and they’ve asked me to tell you not to share the link above with anyone – you’ll see why in the video. 

They’re going to pull it down soon, so you *might* wanna see.


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    Clear, informative, smiple. Could I send you some e-hugs?

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      I been using the Daily Income Network since it launched. In fact, I had scceuss using their first version My Free Cash Machine. It’s a brilliant way that people can start making money without any out of pocket cost. I believe the reason for the new Daily Income Network site is to help people earn more than $20 payments. They want people to earn residual income so they help you sell other tools like an autoresponder etc.. Any 6 or 7 figure income earner will tell you they invested in some tools to build their business. In conclusion Daily Income Network is a nice way that a beginner can start without a financial risk to build an income. Don’t procrastinate with making money,Dave Steffensmeier

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