Creating Your Own Business In A Box For Local Businesses

“None of this junk is working for me!”
I hear that complaint a lot from newbies AND so-called veterans who still can’t make money online.

They get bitter because they think it’s all about selling junky products to total strangers and they think the only people who can "make it" are creeps and cons.

Here’s the proof that they’re wrong!

This video shows how regular old folks have been able to position themselves as the online EXPERTS in their communities and begin real business success by HELPING others.

Yeah, that’s right critics!

  • REAL businesses
  • with REAL clients
  • making REAL money

And this is a built-in market desperate for help, and a built-in service that gives them exactly what they need, and an automated system that lets you sit back and rake it in!
(I tried REALLY hard not to make this sound too good to be true, but whether you’re ready or not, you MUST watch this video.)

No more waiting!

A Fireman with no online experience sent ONE email and had over a DOZEN businesses rushing to be the first to write him a $5000 check.  (That’s the LEAST money anyone in this video made!)

I will be teaching how to do this without having expensive software in Orlando at Michael Penland’s Internet Marketing Super Seminar next month, if you want to join me there, I will show you exactly what you can do to make a decent living helping business owners increase their presence online.

Brute Force Traffic Software!

I just got done reviewing the next (9th) release of Peter Drew’s brand spanking new Brute Force SEO: EVO2 SEO Automation Software Suite, and I have to tell you…

These guys have raised the bar on automated SEO so high, you would need a trampoline to get over it. BFSEO: EVO2 is Truly a phenomenal set of tools that has the power to skyrocket your search rankings into the ether in record time.

They are rolling this back out to the public on Tuesday Feb 2nd 2010, but WE can grab a sneak preview a full 24 hours early starting this coming Monday, 2/1/2010, at 6am US EST.

IF you are on the VIP list, that is:

Keep your eyes on your inbox, because this bad boy is going to take off like a rocket- it has every single time it’s been released, and that’s 8 times in Over A YEAR and 1/2 Now.

Yeah…though this is a brand new release (Number NINE!), this is NOT a "Beta". It’s built on a Proven, Rock Solid SEO software platform that can get you to the very TOP of the SE’s and Keep You There.

There are Hundreds of Long-Time users in the incredibly active and knowledgeable forum that’s a key part of this, but any open slots go to VIP list members first.

You Want To Take Advantage Of This Head Start.

So Take This Seriously. Get on the list, and Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement Early Monday Morning 2/1/10 at 6am EST, and be prepared to take action, or you may get left in the dust… While your competition blows by you in the search rankings.

Pete’s also kept the fr*ee trial intact for this 9th release of Brute Force: EVO2…

And they’ve incorporated some insane new features that will make your Jaw Drop –

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