Feel Like Mr. Noodle?

When you are learning something, sometimes you feel like you are doing everything wrong.

On Sesame St., Elmo has a friend called Mr. Noodle, who misunderstands everything that Elmo asks him to do… Elmo asks him how he washes his hands and Mr. Noodle washes every body part except his hands.

It isn’t because Mr. Noodle is stupid, it is because he does not understand the terminology. It is like trying to teach someone who does not understand  English how to find the bathroom.

But in Internet Marketing, the terminology is all out of whack with what we thought we knew.

That is why I recommend solutions that do more than one thing well. When you first start out, you need to build a list, so you need an autoresponder.

Now, you could signup for an account at 

But that only gives you an autoresponder account.

If you sign up for a Hosting For Profit Starter pack, you get hosting, plus autoresponder, plus video site, plus blogger builder tool and a great price under $10!

Check it out:


But without a place to get the training you need, you will not use these tools to their full advantage.

That is why when you sign up for the Starter Pack, you get access to live and recorded
video training.

Give it a try, it is only $10 for a whole month!


Have an amazing day!

Micheal – WSOInsiders.com

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