Final Notice

Take action now and get 3 months of coaching from me. One hour per week for 3 months!

All you have to do is grab this IM Tech 2.0 Video Firesale before it is no longer available (midnight tonight).

Here’s what you get…

  • The all new "IM Tech 2.0 Training" course with 60 videos.
  • 10 video courses for the price of one.
  • RIGHTS for all of it.

This expires tonight! 

Want more details? Get them after you buy it… it is that good!

Just kidding: here is the blog post where I share all the details –

To claim your bonus, simply send me a message from the Blogging With Micheal Show Fan Page (make sure you like it first).

Then let me know your preferred days/times for the Skype calls.

To your success,

Micheal –

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  1. Martha K. Acosta says:

    “Is this a sign that the Wii U is failing?,” they asked and to that I had no answer. Its barely seven months on from launch and there isn’t a lot of support for it locally. There are a couple of great games and the console has backwards compatibility, but there’s not enough advertising locally. To add insult to injury and the low sales numbers, the console is also overpriced. In stores nationwide, the Wii U ZombiU edition costs a staggering R5000.