Last 24 Hours To Get 457 PLR Products!

457 PLR Products

After purchasing this package for my own business, I am confident that
I will not run out of products to sell or use for content for my websites.

The White Label Firesale is a collection of ebooks, audios and videos that
are professionally researched and designed for you to make the most from
putting your name on the content. That is the beauty of PLR.

The content of this package ranges from addiction control to how to make
money with PLR, Network Marketing and Forex… think about the

Ends 6/26/13 at midnight!

The problem with firesales is that they end so quickly!

So don’t wait around, grab this package and then start reading and
listening to the audios and videos. Sure, you will want to sell the
products, but take advantage of the content for yourself!

To your success,

Micheal –

PS – If you want the Instamember Plugin with Developer’s Rights,
here is the link:

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  1. Gold Price says:

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  2. Rene Franco says:

    White Label Firesale cost of software just $ 37. this is Amazing price for Best software that Super Simple to Create Deal White Label Firesale. Private Labels Rights titles consists of videos, e-books, audio and much more. They are all about personal development and internet marketing titles. Due to it, you can save a lot of dollars and take someone years to develop this content. This one is a huge enough to fill up New York’s Public Library and it is just available for a limited time.

  3. Bobby Perez says:

    2. Retirement Sale Monster Library Number 2: (Retail Price $297) Inspiration DNA Audio Adrenaline (Biggest Audio PLR Offer) Comes With The Marketing Elite Upgrade As Well! Grab audios such as hypnotherapy, audio affirmations, binaural beats, meditation tracks, motivational stories, ambient sounds for tranquility, relaxing music and breath modulation tracks. This is the ultimate audio package for the personal development niche and you will never find content this unique anywhere else!