Do You Have A Client Video Manager

Want to see me install the Simple Video Pro 2.0 on a blog and use the Client Video Manager? Watch this video:

Reprinted with permission from – Imagine Having A Client Video Manager

Video is great for marketing. I use it, my clients use it. I used to have to log in to each client’s website to set up their video, then, when they asked for a change in banners, videos or both, I had to go log in to their site again to make the changes. Sometimes, the client would change passwords, and it would be an all day affair to get with the person who changed the password to get it…

Enter the Client Video Manager…

Simple Video Pro now has a Client Video Manager in the Developer’s edition. That simple addition means I can make changes to client videos without ever going to the client website. I can change banners, text ads, add a clip to the beginning or end and change out the entire video without ever leaving my own site! This eliminates the headaches of dealing with a customer’s IT department, or the guy’s 12 year old who manages his web presence.

Check it out for yourself while the developer’s edition is still $100 off!


Simple Video Pro

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