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Confessions From Joel Therien

As you know.. we launched back in March
and this program not surprisingly took the internet and Network
Marketing by storm..

Let me be very transparent..

The growth of, and the leadership we are building
has even exceeded my own expectations!

Shame on me as I am a very optimistic person..

So let me fill you in on what has gone on since March..

Of course in March I was very honest, our launch went so well
that it didn’t go so well.

I was expecting maybe 5000 new members in March and well
we ended up with 10 000 on day one of launch.


So I thought.. but then our team woke up to 4000 help desk tickets
the following day… not that anything in particular was wrong (although
we did have some bugs).. there was just lot of very excited people with
lot of questions …


So began the support nightmare, we went from an average ticket
turnaround time of one hour to 7 days!!

The patient clients stuck it out.. but yes lot did cancel.. and I
completely understand why..

Now let me fast forward what has been going on since March..

Something very magical is happening, lot of top MLM leaders
who sat back to “watch” where we are going are now jumping on

Why does this happen?

Well, top leaders in the Network Marketing Industry have very
good reputations, and they are very reluctant to jump on at the
launch of a new company incase that company fails…

You can see how that would ruin their reputation in a matter
os seconds. Remember, it takes years to get a good reputation
and only seconds to lose it…

But now.. has stood the test of time, Network Marketers
both brand new and seasoned are making great incomes!!!

So let me ask you this?

Since we are acquiring strong leadership, isn’t it time you stop
sitting on the fence and dive head first in

Isn’t it better to jump in NOW so some of the great leaders coming
in now join under you and not above you?

Again I admit it, in March we got off to a shaky start with too much
growth too fast, but now we have stood the test of time. is:
>> here for the long haul, I’m talking decades, I am talking forever!
>> growing because of VALUE and STABILITY not because of HYPE

Just look at our true VALUE proposition and income potential..

Yep get 100% commissions on ALL our tools..

>> 100% commission on our auto responder and mailing platform
>> 100% commission on the most amazing authority blog!

>> 100% commission on our Lead Capture System
>> 100% our video email service
>> 100% commission our amazing conference software

Now it would be different if the above marketing tool suite cost $400
dollars a month. That is what you would pay if you went out and grabbed
these tools individually..

But the VALUE is unmatched, you get all these tools for $24.95 per month!!


That is why even our newest of marketers, who are making an honest effort
are making money… its easy to see VALUE when it is staring you right in the face.

Sorry for this long winded email, but it is my true an honest assessment of
where is headed. We have not yet scratched the surface,
this is just the beginning..

Join the team.. we are going to take you places 🙂
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You can see why.. when you consider that
is a fraction of the cost of the competition!
You get all the tools for just $24.95 per month!
Yes an INSANE $24.95 per month!!
Aweber and Getresponse charge $24.95 per month just for their
auto responder at 5000 capacity
They certainly don’t pay you 100% residual commissions on all
product sales.
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–Joel Therien
Founder and CEO

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