Track Your Videos With The Tube SPotter

There’s a reason why you may be avoiding tracking your Youtube video’s performance on Google and Youtube for your keywords:

1. The software to do it is expensive

2. The software requires “work”

Well, enter Tube Spotter, the EASY to use software thats gives you AUTOMATIC updates on where all your videos stand!

Tube Spotter

Tube Spotter has Virtually everything you need to keep up on your video’s performance, all wrapped up into one dashboard..

The result:

You’ll instantly know which videos are ranking and which are flopping – VITAL for success. Check out the demo at this link, you’ll see how super-simple this Windows desktop software is to use:


Micheal –

PS – Knowing how your videos are doing compared to your competition is crucial in order to beat them. You will also want to take a look at a different program that will allow you to dissect your competitor’s videos and use that information to make your videos get more traffic. It is called Traffic Mice and it promises to automate your video SEO.

Traffic Mice

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