Two Things

First, I wanted to write about something that I have found to be both a curse and a blessing. Second, I also have a couple of announcements for those who care about them.

Lifestyle, as most marketers want you to believe is all about having money and time to enjoy it. They will have you believe that you should work hard, nose to the grindstone, until you succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Then and only then, should you ease up.

I once had that belief. I built an online business that I hoped would continue to pay me for the rest of my life. Then I could enjoy life.

Problem was, building a business like that requires a lot of time commitment that most people cannot afford to give up. Family and friends end up going away because you don’t have time for them… or if you do have time for them, you are not there mentally because you are too busy thinking about your projects.

Someone told me that a balanced life is more important than lifestyle as defined by the majority. Having too much money actually brings with it additional responsibilities that don’t impact us until the money is there… like who takes care of all the cars, what price is the jet fuel where you are landing, handling the taxes and deductions in order to avoid paying too much… these don’t impact us until we arrive at that level. If you can arrange for your income to grow with you as you enjoy your family and friends, that is more of a lifestyle that can compliment you rather than stress you out.

Obviously, I am simplifying all this. But I see that when balance exists in my own life, my mood is better, I accomplish more when I sit in front of the computer, and I can sleep better at night.

Ok, now that I have gotten that off my chest, let’s dive into the announcements.

One last day for No Cost Income Stream 2.0! The Get Response denial of service attacks ended up impacting the 7 day firesale because a lot of people hadn’t even heard about it because the emails that were supposed to go out during the sale never went anywhere. So they announced that the firesale would be on until midnight tonight! Check it out here:

Early bird pricing for Video Maker FX will be in effect from 9AM to 11AM Monday morning, May 5th. If you want a reminder, simply fill out the form on this page:

Have an amazing day!

Micheal –

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