Being In A Cartel

Imagine getting paid every month. I am not saying you will be retiring from your job this week, but I am saying that over the next few months, your investment is going to be coming back to you… gradually at first, but more rapidly as the IM Cartel team is writing books, publishing them and promoting them. All to earn you royalties.

Unfortunately, if you have not signed up yet, you only have until midnight on Tuesday July 15th to get signed up. So when the clock shows 12:01am on Wednesday morning… you will NOT be able to get signed up.

I spoke to my friend, Ben Shaffer, about this. I asked him if he was going to reopen this at a later date.

He was not planning on reopening IM Cartel in the future. His goals for this Cartel is to build it big and reinvest a portion of the earnings to grow the monthly royalties paid out. You don’t want to be left out.

Get in while the getting is possible:

To your success,

Micheal & Yvonne –

PS – I plan on earning from this same Cartel myself. Make sure you are part of it so that you aren’t on the outside looking in.

Coming soon Zoom Zoom Chairs

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