Directory Site Cash Madness

Restaurants Pay $497 Per Month For This Software…

Restaurant owners are used to paying high to list their
places on various sites… However most of the sites
they list their menus and number on are generic, and
rarely generate any customers for them.

That’s why if you create a small site in a specific niche
like diners… or Italian food… or pizza… or Greek food…
You can demand higher fees to list their businesses on
your site.

The going rate among my coaching students is currently
$497 a month per restaurant. Check out how one of these
coaching students is making $15,000 a month with this

Biz Owners Are Paying $497 A Month To Be On These
Small Sites…

In truth… It was this student who discovered this whole
method. I was so inspired by him, that I decided to help
him develop this software and get it out to other marketers
to use. Also… If you’re wondering which niches have been
paying the most for directory sites (this will surprise you) this video will walk you through the best ones.

Watch this video now:

To your success,

Micheal & Yvonne –

PS – Your results may vary… why settle for only $15,000
per month?

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