Amazon To Close Down Their Webstores

A major announcement about has many people reeling.

Amazon Webstores

According to an article on Recode, they are closing down their web stores and giving their current merchants one year to find a different cart to sell their products.

They have not publicly announced this, but rather have been calling existing merchants:

What this means for people hoping to get into online selling is unclear, unless they plan on using Amazon’s fulfillment program. At this point, it appears that Amazon may be focusing its efforts on the Fulfillment By Amazon platform to give the company more control over shipping and customer support. Now more than ever it is important to learn as much about how to sell physical products using Amazon’s Fulfillment system. The training course included in Amasuite 4 dives deeply into the seller aspect of Amazon and could really help newcomers into online physical product selling  by showing them what to focus on.

I have already started my training and plan on having my first product on Amazon by the end of May.

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Micheal & Yvonne Savoie – WSO Insiders 

PS – I bought this suite and all the upsells because that is the direction we are taking our
Online Marketing – more Amazon marketing and private labeling of physical products!

This package teaches you from top to bottom line:

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