Small Victories Help You Continue Winning

I ran into a situation where I was totally overwhelmed,
I would look at my to do list and all of the items looked
like a top priority.

For a while, doing nothing was easier than choosing a
task. But each day that I delayed put that much more
pressure on me. I am sure it put a lot of pressure on
Yvonne, too.

just do

But then I realized that the list was not going to do
itself. I had to do something, anything, to make items
come off that list. So I picked the easiest thing.

I completed it.

I felt good after that small victory. I also knew that
I could knock out another item that was related to the
one I had just finished.

I completed that one, too.

Sometimes, you have to do the easiest tasks first in
order to get some momentum back. Without momentum, the
tougher tasks look too daunting and you end up making

Because I was able to knock off a couple of easy tasks,
I was able to tackle one of the nastier tasks on my
list the next day. That felt good!

Because of how good it felt, I was able to ride that
momentum through the entire week, knocking items off
my list. The list hasn’t grown any smaller, because
I am constantly adding to it, but now it does not feel
nearly as overwhelming as it did before.

It does not matter whether we are talking about online
marketing, video creation, home improvement or your job.
Taking daily action and winning small victories will
allow you to successfully achieve your goals.

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To your success,

Micheal & Yvonne Savoie –

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