Jeff Johnson Coaching Club FAQ

Time is running out!

It looks like the most popular option for Jeff’s
Coaching Club is just about sold out.

So he put together this new FAQ to help answer
your most popular questions about his new coaching
club, and what it can do for you and your

Question: Is it a training program or a
personal coaching program?

Answer: It’s both.

Your training inside the club is broken down
into 4 primary phases:

Phase 1:

During the initial phase of your training Jeff
will help you build you a bigger and more profitable
list using highly optimized, fully automated
systems designed to convert significantly more of
you traffic into subscribers and leads, faster.

Phase 2:

This is where Jeff personally helps you get you
more traffic by leveraging the power of affiliates,
the search engines, and social media… and by
using software that puts it all on autopilot.

Phase 3:

During phase three of your training Jeff will
personally help you build a constant stream of
new customers from multiple sources… including
from your extremely-responsive new list that he
helped you start building in phase 1… and your
new sources of traffic that he helped you put into
place during phase 2 of your training.

Phase 4:

The final phase of your training is where Jeff
personally helps you generate more sales and more
profits, as quickly as possible.

Here’s the best part:

He shows you how to set it all up using automated
marketing systems so it all runs as hands-free as

This video explains everything that you get:

Question: Will Jeff be available to answer my

Answer: Yes. You will have an unprecedented
level of direct daily- access to Jeff in the
Club’s private forums so he can personally answer
your questions AND help you implement and profit
from your training in your business.

If a question comes up while you are reviewing
your training, or a question comes up about
anything related to your business in any way…

Simply pop-into the private forums while the
question is still fresh in your mind… 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week… and ask for Jeff’s advice or
his help , and he’ll give it to you.


Question: How long will it take me to see

Answer: Jeff designed your training to work as
quickly as possible.

Simply follow the Step-by-Step training videos,
and written Cheat Sheets, Checklists and Action
Plans and you could see almost immediate results
in your business.


Question: How is my training delivered?

Answer: Your training is delivered inside the
private membership site as well as on live
training webinars so Jeff can walk you through it
step-by-step, and he can answer any questions you
may have.

Here is how your training itself is presented:

1. Training Videos – these are the most current
up-to-date videos in the Club. They were recorded
exclusively for the Club and typically contain his
most recent updates to the training material.

Training Videos are very focused and are
intended to provide you with step-by-step
training on the concept being discussed in the
least amount of time possible.

2. Webinar Videos and Recordings – during your
live webinars Jeff either walks you through the
strategies being introduced in your new training
videos, or he introduces new concepts and
strategies that are not covered in your training

During your live webinars he adds additional
comments, updates or insights that may have not
been covered in the training video, so webinar
videos tend to be longer than your training videos
(even if they are covering the same topics).

He also answers any questions the attendees may
have at the end of the webinar.

So even if you’ve already watched the
corresponding training video… webinar videos
can help you better understand the topics being

3. Live “Seminar Style” Training Videos – The
seminar videos are designed to help you achieve
an even greater understanding of the material
covered in your training videos.

So while the training video may be 30 minutes
long, the seminar video could be 2 hours long.

There are also audio-only MP3 copies of all of
the videos so feel free to download the MP3
versions of your training and listen to it on any
device that supports MP3 playback (iphone, ipad,
tablets, smart phones, etc.).

And don’t worry about having to rearrange your
schedule to attend the live training webinars
because he’ll record them for you and post them to
the private membership site so you can watch the
videos or listen to the audio recordings on your
schedule… when it’s convenient for you…


You also get Fill-In-The-Blank Templates, PDF
Cheat Sheets, Action Plans, and Check Lists…
all of what are designed to help get results
as quickly as possible.

You’ll be able to ask Jeff questions about your
training… or anything else for that matter..
in your private forums 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week… so if you can’t make your live
webinars… Jeff has got you covered.


Question: What happens when my training is over?

Answer: You’ll be able to download every single
training video, mp3 file, PDF Action Plan, PDF
Checklist and PDF copies of the presentation
slides inside the Club’s private membership site…
you get to download all of it.

You’ll be able to review your training when you
want, where you want you want, and at your own
speed… there’s never any reason to feel rushed
about covering the training material because
you’ll have copies of all of it to review over
and over again.

That means the entire training program is yours
to keep forever!


Question: What do I get when I join today?

Answer: Here’s what you get when you join right

– Immediate access to Jeff Johnson’s Coaching
Club’s™ Private Membership Site.

– Immediate access to Jeff in the Club’s Private

– Direct access to Jeff during your Live Training
Webinars and Group Q&A Phone Calls.

But that’s not all…

When you join right now you also get the entire
Special Bonus Package* valued at $20,961.00,

– Traffic and Leads Training Academy™ Live!
Seminar Recordings.

– Tube Traffic Secrets™ 2.0 Membership Site

– Tube Traffic Secrets™ 3.0 Membership Site
Access (expected release date Summer of 2016)

– “Lifetime Access”* Membership Super-Bonus!

Which brings your Total Membership Package Value
to $26,955.00

But it’s not going to cost you anything near
that amount… not even close!

Here’s everything that you get when you join
right now:


Question: Do you offer a payment plan?

Answer: Yes, for a very, very limited time Jeff
is offering a 12 Easy Payments plan.

Which means just $299 today grants you immediate
access to your training and all the benefits you
signed up for, and then you have another 30 days
before you even have to worry about making your
next payment.

And once your payments are done, that’s it…
you’re done… No more payments, No membership
dues, No fees of any kind!

However, the 12 Easy Payments option expires on
Friday June 10th, so If you wait until after
Friday to join your payments will be double what
they would be if you joined right now.

So here’s my advice:

Take advantage of our 12 easy payments plan
right now, before it expires…

You get instant access for your first payment of
just 299 today:

If you still have questions…

Simply watch this video… it tells you
about everything you get when you join during
this special limited time offer.

Check out this new video:

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