How To Set Up Minisites That You Purchased

Roy “Mentorman” Fielding

Bought PLR? Now What?

Minisite Setup Made EasyIf you, like me, have a plethora of PLR and MRR on your computer, you need to take action with it to recoup your investment. Usually, it only takes one or two sales of the product in question to get your money back, especially if you purchased it as a WSO.

But getting a product up on a website is a daunting task. You need to set up a website to host it on, then you need to connect your paypal button and edit the sales page to have your information… it sounds easier when you don’t know how to do it.

But Roy Fielding has solved the fear factor with this new Warrior Special Offer… you can get his video training on how to set up your minisite (that is usually what a sales page, thank you page, download page combo is called) so that you can start earning from the PLR or MRR products you have already purchased.


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We have just what you are looking for right here… fill out the form and then watch the video to see how our Power Profit Leads system can get you an endless stream of free leads!

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